Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Our company has a very strict Occupational Health and Safety Policy, which includes risk assessment and control measures. To date, because of this Policy, our Company has not had a serious injury to any Employee in our 25 years plus of operation.  This Policy forms part of our Employment Application Form, which notes that failure to observe our policy, may result in instant dismissal.

We allow time as required for all our employees that will be working on any site to attend a safety induction conducted by your Health and Safety Officer including “Emergency Evacuation” if required.

By our employees observing our own Occupational Health and Safety Policy, and your company’s (including items specific to your Occupational Health and Safety Policy) injury’s should not occur.
Note: All our employees have attended Occupational Health and Safety Industry Induction Training courses.  

We take this issue very seriously and all our employees receive regular ongoing training.

Please refer to our standard terms & conditions of contract.


Green plumbing certificate:

Our company has successfully completed training courses for green plumbing certificates.

ARC Licence:

All relevant employees handling refrigerants and gases are licensed by ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council) link to this website please - www.arc.com.au

Public liability

We have a cover for $20 million.

Work cover

All employees working for Northwest Airconditioning Service Pty Ltd are covered under workcover legislation’s.

Testing & Tag

All relevant tools are regularly tested & tagged to relevant standards as part of our standard OH & Safety policies.

Working with children

All relevant employees have working with children card as per Working with Children’s Regulation 2006.

Members of AIRAH

All relevant employees are registered members of AIRAH (Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Airconditioning & Heating)

Plumbing Industry Commission, Victoria

Work Cover

Master Plumbers

Working with children certification