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Andrew Tait

Northwest Airconditioning Service (NWACS) deliver our group of companies exceptional building heating and cooling solutions with quality customer service. This commitment has resulted in their management of the following projects:

  • All commercial system upgrades, including specialised controlled environment IT systems – as required in all Victorian company sites.
  • All commercial programmed system service and maintenance – ongoing in all Victorian company sites.
  • Complete specification, heating/cooling system design, installation, system integration, commissioning, programming and ongoing maintenance – New ‘highend’ private residence construction project.
  • Major multi system upgrade compliant sensitive with local council ‘Heritage Overlay’ and noise control (acoustic) engineering requirements – Existing ‘high-end’ private residence.

In summary, we highly recommending NWACS for all aspects of building climate control from system design through to scheduled routine maintenance and repairs. Click here for more...Tyrecorp Holdings Pty Ltd - ANDREW TAIT.pdf